September 24, 2012


  • Each person will write a one (1) sentence core attribute of what it means to “be in community”, “live well together”, “honor each other” for discussion at our October Meeting

A representative sample of our conversation together:

  • Don Mendenhall was our resource person to lead us in point 1 or our designated task to develop a Clergy Covenant: “Recognize that conflict is not to be avoided, but worked through with grace and honesty.”
  • A number of resources were covered in our extended conversation. We are starting a bibliography under the “Resources” menu above.
  • We are not alone in our work. Don reported being a consultant with several church and secular groups who are dealing with similar issues.
  • We identified our personal understandings of what our task is and our confidence in being able to complete it.
  • One of the phrases that kept coming around was “cohesive diversity” as distinguished from conflictual diversity. Another was, “Be gentle with one another.”
  • We reviewed material around “Conflicts in Life”.
  • A key question raised revolved about whether we are set up to “placate” the conference, make it appear something is happening to that really isn’t or whether we can become mediators of new expectations that will return us to a healthier engagement of expectations?
  • We practiced a combination of techniques to better decision-making: Worshipful Work, Mutual Invitation, and Consensus Process.