January 14, 2014

Meeting held by Conference Call because of winter weather.

Oct. 13-14 event

  • Two participants have agreed to facilitate the covenant gathering:

o   Pádraig Ó Tuama works as a poet, group facilitator, theologian and mediator. He specializes in helping groups speak to and about each other – especially where those words are difficult. [See http://intheshelter.com/ ]

o   Glen Chebon Kernell is executive secretary for the Native American and Indigenous Ministries at the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries. He challenges churches to “choose to be a catalyst of healing and reconciliation.”

  • Anticipated expenses for Pádraig and Chebon to join us would be $500-$575 a day in honoraria plus travel. (Padraig lives in Ireland.)
  • It is envisioned Pádraig and Chebon would allow a lot of time to talk back and forth and not serve as “keynoters” for the event.
  • Dave Werner has been in contact with the Green Lake Conference Center, which is available for our use on Oct. 13-14. The cost per participant would be roughly $79 for lodging and $33 for three meals. Costs could be more depending on number of participants.
  • Bill McBride has been in contact with the episcopal office. Per his last conversation with Steve Polster, “The bishop wants to know our plans and agenda for the event and what we want him to do with, for and at the event. He asked to keep the bishop informed as we meet and work on the details.”
  • We expressed concern about having two key clergy events within a month of each other. Clergy Day has apparently been scheduled for Sept. 18. We were hoping the covenant event might serve as the fall clergy day. Two proximate events would likely decrease attendance. Also, we believe that if improving covenantal clergy relationships is a priority for our conference, the conference could make a strong statement toward that end by being intentional about calling clergy to this gathering.


  • Steve reported some confusion as 2013 drew to a close concerning our expenditures related to our budget. He has worked with the conference treasurer’s office to clarify the funds we believed were available to us for 2013 (apportioned funds, Foundation grant, bishop’s office contribution). It appears the books are being reconciled. Reimbursements being held until the matter was resolved should be paid shortly.
  • Our best assessment of 2014 funds available to us:

o   Apportioned funds     $16,500

o   Foundation grant       $2,000

      • Allocated as:
        • Covenant conference           $12,000
        • * We had budgeted $1,500 but received a $2,000 Foundation grant rather than the $3,000 requested.
        • Mileage                              $4,500
        • Other meeting expenses        $1,500
        • Consulting/service fees         $500 *
  • Our 2015 budget request for apportioned funds is due to the conference treasurer’s office by Feb. 1, 2014.

Future meetings

  • We continue to strive for optimum meeting times, realizing the situations in which all team members must navigate. We adjusted the meeting dates for April, May and June. Our schedule is:

o   Tuesday, Feb. 11
o   Tuesday, March 11
o   Tuesday, April 1
o   Tuesday, May 6
o   Tuesday, June 3

  • All meetings 10a-3p at Pine Lake Camp


  • Dave will continue to be the liaison with the Green Lake Conference Center. Our intent is to book the center for Oct. 13-14.
  • Rebecca will request that representatives of the Clergy Covenant Team be invited to join the Cabinet and the BoOM during their meeting of Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 26.
  • Amy, Meg and Steve will convene to discuss the covenant conference theme, format, process, etc., and report to the Covenant Team on Feb. 11.
  • Steve will request a brief meeting with Bishop Jung to discuss the convergence of the two clergy events in September and October, and to clarify what the involvement of the bishop and conference might be.
  • Steve will submit the 2015 budget request (requesting the same amounts as 2014) and clarify available funds for 2014 with the conference treasurer.

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