December 10, 2013


  • Amy and Wesley offered a synopsis of Love Prevails and its recent witness to the Council of Bishops, the Connectional Table and the Bishop’s visit to Cherokee, NC  along the Trail of Tears.
  • A question to ponder: How does “the system” handle dissonance? Does direction need to come from the outside, or can we navigate it from within? (This was related to the question of whom we might engage to lead a covenant event.)
  • The reaction to Nelson Mandela’s death – in its betterness and worseness – reminds us that we need to value people’s stories above depersonalized “issues” and the caricatures that result.
  • The story of each of our lives is one we know that Jesus knows.
  • What is the hoped-for outcome of our group? That we will be together again.
  • The cry of the outcast: “We have not trust that anyone is going to come get us.”


  • We conferred with the bishop’s office indicated we are more interested in facilitating a stand-alone event focused on covenant than parceling time out of other events such as regional meetings or days apart.
  • Toward that end, we discussed a number of questions about a “covenant event” planned by our team. When? Where? How long? Speaker(s)? With episcopal invitation and/or participation? Format? Logistics?
  • Working plan:
  • A two-day overnight event at Green Lake Conference Center, tentatively Monday-Tuesday, Oct. 13-14, 2014.
  • Amy is contacting a couple of potential speakers
  • Bill is contacting the bishop’s office about getting on the conference calendar and to clarify what the bishop’s/conference relationship to and support of this event might be
  • Dave is contacting Green Lake about availability

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