August 22, 2012


  • September Meeting will feature Don Mendenhall as a resource person to aid us in thinking about Point 1 of our given agenda: Recognize that conflict is not to be avoided, but worked through with grace and honesty.
  • A potential change to meet on 4th Mondays is being investigated. (December would stay on the 3rd Monday due to Christmas).
  • This temporary webpage/blog will be made public.
  • WUMFoundation Grant was submitted for our work in 2013.
  • Homework. Each person will contact 2-3 or more clergy asking these two or other questions of their choosing: What additional resources would add value in your ministry setting? How would you describe your relationship with other clergy and is that where you would want it to be?

A representative sample of our conversation together:

  • We began with a look at what our destination might be in order to frame the development of next steps.
  • Began distinguishing between covenants and code of ethics/conduct.
  • Intentional relationship building experiences were seen as a way of eventually engaging one another at a deeper level.
  • Blockages to better relationships were explored.
  • What will perceived payback would lead people to engage one another? Carrots? Sticks?
  • Wrestling occurred regarding a common reason for clergy to have some purpose in common or have we gone so far down a congregational line that connectionalism is no longer viable?
  • Can a distinction be made between covenant and advocacy?
  • What is the relationship between our work and that of an order of Deacons or Elders as found in ¶¶306-309?
  • There seems to be no easy solution to issues of prejudice (building relationships can help here) or discrimination (here systemic action is needed). What can “covenant” bring to this divide?
  • We ended with a litany based on Ephesians 4:25 — … Let’s have no more lies. Speak truthfully to each other, for we are all members of one body.