In 2011 The Wisconsin Conference of The United Methodist Church tried Rev. Amy DeLong. The Trial Court decided on a restorative justice outcome having Rev. DeLong initiate a document with four other church leaders that would outline “procedures for clergy in order to help resolve issues that harm the clergy covenant, create an adversarial spirit, or lead to future clergy trials”.

Rev. DeLong brought an Invitation to the 2012 Clergy Session. It passed with reduced funding. A Clergy Covenant Team was convened to implement the Invitation:

  • Rev. Doyle Blanton
  • Rev. Amy DeLong
  • Rev. Maribel Celiz
  • Rev. Rosalind Dryver-Scott
  • Rev. Dan Fahs
  • Rev. Dawn Helton-Anishinaabeqwa
  • Rev. Bill McBride
  • Rev. Steve Scott
  • Rev. Forrest Wells
  • Rev. John Wells
  • Rev. Dave Werner
  • Rev. Wesley White